Education training

The construction of education training logistics is one of the key areas of the company. Logistics training is an important component part logistics teaching and research in China.

VSTRONG Technology specializes in providing logistics training centers that meet corporate standards, emphasizing the display of the latest logistics equipment and technology. At present, dozens of educational training BASE have been completed included the Tianjin Tianjin Public Training Center Logistics Teaching Factory, Tianjin Transportation profession and Technical College Modern Logistics Training base (National Higher Vocational College Logistics Contest designated venue) and other demonstration projects.

The logistics training center that meets the corporate standards has the following important features:

(1) Logistics equipment meets the mainstream product standards of the industry;

(2) The logistics system process conforms to the actual process of the enterprise;

(3) The logistics group building system adopts mainstream products in the industry;

(4) The position of logistics operations is in line with the actual job positions in the industry.

Practice shows that: It is unusual need to build a logistics training center that meets the corporate standards for the cultivation of enterprise talents.

In 2009, VSTRONG Technology sponsored the “VSTRONG Cup” logistics skill competition of the first national higher vocational colleges, which played an important role in promoting the overall improvement of logistics teaching in China.