The integration of pharmaceutical logistics systems is the company's key research area. It is not only the responsibility of the company but also the advantage of the company to build a pharmaceutical distribution center that meets the requirements of the new “GSP Standard”.

VSTRONG Technology is committed to pharmaceutical commercial distribution research. At present, it has completed more than 150 pharmaceutical logistics projects, and its market share is among the best. These included China Pharmaceutical Group Corporation, China Resources Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Huadong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Hunan LBX Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Beijing Golden Elephant Fortune Pharmacy Co., Ltd., Sichuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Foshan Charmacy Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and other logistics distribution centers. Sinopharm Shanghai Phase II Logistics Center Project is another large-scale logistics project of VSTRONG Technology following the projects of Yangzhou, Suzhou, Shanxi, Linyi and Xuzhou. The project is large in scale and numerous in system, and adopts advanced in the process of zero-removal and transportation. The logistics system solution consists of AS/RS system, high forklift racking system, box conveyor system, zero-removal picking system, high-speed sorting system and integrated logistics management system.