2019 New Year Speech

If you use a word to describe 2018, it is “fast”. A blink of an eye is another year.

For VSTRONG Technology, 2018 is indeed an extraordinary year. On December 18th, it was the 15th anniversary of the establishment of VSTRONG Technology. It was the day of the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and it was the official opening of reform and opening up ! This is a coincidence, and it is a responsibility in the midst of it. VSTRONG Technology is destined to become the mainstay of the responsibility of China's logistics technology development.

In this special year, VSTRONG Technology officially announced that the company's goal in the first phase was fully realized: The company has become a logistics system integrator with significant influence power and competitiveness in China. Among the more than 400 logistics projects undertaken by the company, many are benchmarking projects in various industries. VSTRONG Technology's system planning capability and system integration capability are among the best in China. The company's performance covers medicine, clothing, e-commerce, industrial manufacturing, books, Education, retail and many other fields are domestic comprehensive logistics system integrators across many industries.

In 2018, the company achieved a double harvest of sales and income, and achieved a promising result of a compound growth rate of more than 30% for four consecutive years. The company's performance has leapt to a new level; The amount of the single project contract also achieved a major breakthrough, reaching about 70 million yuan; The Jinge factory has gradually built a well-known garden-style factory; The company organized employees to visit Europe and Japan twice; In May, the Logistics Training Center of Tianjin Transportation Vocational College, which was built by VSTRONG Technology, once again successfully held the National Logistics Competition, and chairman of board of directors the company once again served as the chief referee; In June, the meeting of the chairman of the Logistics and Storage Mechanical Apparatus Branch of CHMIA, which was first undertaken by the company, was successfully held in Jinggangshan, the revolutionary holy place; In November, company once again take part in the CEMAT ASIA Hannover Shanghai Exhibition, showing the latest achievements…

Looking ahead to 2019, we are more confident.

2019 is a challenging year. The Sino-US trade war is on the rise. The world is full of worries about the downward pressure on the economy. The manufacturing outlook is full of uncertainties. Many scholar are not optimistic about the new year.

Indeed, the logistics equipment industry has felt a chill in the past year. Many orders were cancelled or suspended in the second half of the year, which bring about major impact to the shelf industry and will soon spread to other areas.

But VSTRONG Technology is still full of confidence in the future: The overall trend of economic development and social progress will not change. As long as we grasp the two ultimate weapons of quality and innovation, enterprises will always be invincible. The fierce market competition is the normal state of the economy and society. In the past, this is still the case. A company must adapt to this fiercely competitive environment.

In order to achieve the company's second goal: In the next 15 years, the company will become a logistics system integrator with important influence power and competitiveness in the world. The company carried out major restructuring of the organization in 2018, established Beijing VSTRONG Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., completed the new leadership collective change, and successfully realized the younger team. We believe that talent is the company's core competitiveness, especially young people, is the company's future hope. In the new year, VSTRONG Technology will introduce a major plan for talent introduction and talent cultivation, and let more outstanding young people join VSTRONG intelligence, let them witness the company’s development process and share the company’s development.

“We may not be born for logistics, but we should take responsibility for catching up with the world”.

2019, let us wait and see.