Powerful alliance, facing the future!

Author:Planning Department Time:2022/06/08 Source:Vstrong

        On May 20, 2022, Yinfei Storage announced that it will acquire Wuqiang Smart with its wholly-owned capital. This move will take another solid step to complete its strategic transformation. Just at this moment a year ago, Yinfei Storage announced the acquisition of Roberttech, a famous stacker manufacturer, which started a new journey of Yinfei Storage's N+1+N strategy.

        Yinfei Storage is a well-known logistics equipment manufacturer in China. Its racks, shuttles and other products are well-known both at home and abroad. After the successful acquisition of Robert-Tech, it has further strengthened itself in the field of intelligent logistics equipment such as racks, stackers, and shuttles. The advantages. With the acquisition of Wuqiang Intelligent, the company will achieve breakthrough development not only in logistics equipment, but also in logistics system integration. The company's long-term goal is to explore a comprehensive development path in logistics intelligent equipment, logistics system integration, logistics system software, logistics system operation management and other aspects, and seek to become the world's leading logistics system integrator and equipment manufacturer.

        Wuqiang Intelligent has achieved excellent results in the past few years. Since 2020, the company has been rated as the first domestic excellent system integrator brand by market institutions for two consecutive years. The company has a series of high-end intelligent logistics equipment such as stackers, conveyors, shuttles, etc., and has more than 80 software copyrights such as WMS/WCS and many patents. It has a large production base in Hebei and a nationwide service network. The company is a member of China Federation of Things and China Heavy Machinery Association, and serves as the vice chairman of the Logistics Engineering Branch of the China Heavy Machinery Association, the deputy director of the Warehousing Technology and Management Branch of the National Standardization Committee, and the vice chairman of the China Artificial Intelligence Logistics Industry Alliance. The company has more than 500 successful cases, and is one of the enterprises with the most successful implementation of large-scale automated logistics systems in China.

        From the first day of its establishment, Wuqiang Intelligent has positioned its strategic goal to build a world-class logistics system integrator. To this end, the company has formulated a medium and long-term plan and action guide. The strategic merger and acquisition of Yinfei Storage is also a part of the company's plan. The company has always believed that strong alliances are the only way to become bigger and stronger. With strong resources and market influence, by vigorously expanding overseas markets and deeply cultivating the intelligent manufacturing industry, the company will surely accelerate the early realization of its own strategic goals.

        After the acquisition, Wuqiang Intelligence will continue to enjoy an independent brand, operate independently, independently account for its own profits and losses on the basis of maintaining the existing team, and will share resources with Yinfei Storage and Roberttech to achieve strong alliances and complement each other's advantages. Let's grow bigger and stronger together.

        After the acquisition, Wuqiang Intelligence will continue to fulfill its commitment to all customers and partners, and our relationship with partners will be further strengthened. And it can be expected that after the completion of the strategic merger, Wuqiang Intelligence will greatly improve its own strength and service level, and provide customers with higher quality products and services. This acquisition is a major benefit to all customers.

        "The long road of Xiongguan is like iron, and now we are stepping forward from scratch." This strategic merger is a milestone in the development of Wuqiang Intelligence, and it is also a rebirth like a phoenix nirvana. It must go through various challenges and exercises, but bright Prospects and great missions give us the courage and determination to keep striving, innovating, and moving forward. Not forgetting the original intention and being consistent will be Wuqiang Intelligent's solemn commitment to the society and the best way to repay the society and users.

        The M&A is still in the approval stage and needs to be reviewed and approved by the relevant higher-level units and the China Securities Regulatory Commission before it can take effect.