Here comes the Shanxi Wanmei screen swiping scene, don't blink!!!

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        Shanxi Wanmei modern pharmaceutical logistics center covers an area of about 18000 square meters and is divided into four reservoir areas, mainly storing drugs and medical devices. It is planned to support the annual circulation scale of drugs not less than 8 billion yuan; At the same time, it can meet the external provision of professional pharmaceutical, medical devices, traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces, cold chain products and other pharmaceutical Tripartite logistics services.

        Phase I of the project mainly includes four-way shuttle good to people system, box conveying and sorting system and WCS system management software. The first phase of the project is equipped with 25 red crab four-direction shuttle independently developed by Vstrong, 7 sets of high-speed elevators and 2 sets of intelligent picking stations, so as to realize the rapid piece picking business and greatly improve the operation efficiency and accuracy.

        The operation of the logistics center project not only improves the intelligent level of the logistics center, but also improves the rapid response level of orders and customer service level. It is the overall improvement of the service level of the whole logistics supply chain. At the same time, it also provides a strong strategic support for the rapid development of the enterprise in the next few years.