Jiangsu Kangyuan Pharmaceutical Commercial Logistics Center

        Jiangsu Kangyuan Pharmaceutical Commercial Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kangyuan Group and is a pharmaceutical business company radiating the entire province of Lianyungang. The main warehouse of this intelligent logistics center covers an area of about 9,700 square meters and is a combination of three-dimensional warehouse and flat warehouse. Form. The three-dimensional warehouse covers an area of about 2,800 square meters, with a total height of 23.9 meters. The flat warehouse has a four-story structure as a whole. The logistics center has realized a comprehensive improvement in the level of automation and informatization of logistics storage, which has improved the company's overall supply chain. Efficiency and service levels have greatly reduced the error rate.

        Composition of logistics system:

        1) Automatic three-dimensional warehouse: 5 aisles, 5 stackers, 10560 pallet positions, two sets of pallet conveyor systems;

        2) A set of barcode management system: including barcode reader, barcode printer, rf handheld terminal and its communication system, etc;

        3) AS/RS monitor system;

        4) Box conveyor line sorting system: The conveyor line is about 350 meters in length, a set of slider sorters, 4 screw elevators, and 1 box elevator;

        5) A set of goods-to-person picking system: including picking station, box changing station, review workbench, etc ;

        6) One set of electronic label system;

        7) Multi-layer shuttle system: 6 shuttles, 4 hoists, 5292 boxes of cargo space;

        8) Shelves and shelves: including about 2740 boxes of normal temperature warehouse partitions and 240 pallets of beam shelves, 3120 boxes of cold storage loft shelves and 240 pallets of beam shelves

        9) AGV system;

        10) one set of WMS system and WCS system.