Sichuan Kelun Business Automation Logistics Center

        The total investment of Sichuan Kelun Business Automation Logistics Center Project is 120 million yuan, which is currently the largest pharmaceutical logistics center in a single building in China and the largest pharmaceutical logistics center for automated logistics equipment. The address is located in Chengdu. The overall plan covers an area of about 150 acres, the planned construction area of the storage and logistics base is 80,000 square meters, the storage of more than 800,000 pieces of goods, and the average daily throughput of 130,000 pieces, supporting the headquarters' annual sales scale of about 20 billion yuan.

        The project's input equipment includes AS / RS system, multi-layer shuttle system, Miniload system, box picking system, tray conveyor line system, tray elevator system, electronic label system, automatic sorting system, etc.

        1) as / rs system: a total of 12 pallet stackers are single extension, one is double extension, and a total of 25,536 pallet positions are available;

        2) Multi-layer shuttle system: a total of 6 aisles, 13 layers, 78 more trolleys. The number of cargo spaces is 31200, and there are 6 cargo-to-person picking stations.

        3) Miniload system: a total of 5 laneway, 34 floors, a height of about 20 meters, a total of 54400 container cargo spaces;

        4) Automatic sorting system: slider sorting machine, a total of 26 sliding gates.