Jiangsu Changkelong Chain Supermarket Co., Ltd. Logistics Center Project

        Jiangsu New Cooperation Changkelong Chain Supermarket Co., Ltd. is a member of China Chain Store & Franchise Association. It was originally the supply and distribution center of Changshu City Supply and Marketing Cooperatives. Created in December 1996. In April 2001, it was reorganized into Changshu Changkelong Supplying Supermarket Co., Ltd. In April 2004, the new cooperative trade chain company of the National Supply and Marketing Cooperatives Co., Ltd. jointly invested to form Jiangsu New Cooperation Changkelong Chain Supermarket Co., Ltd.

         The new cooperation Changkelong is an excellent pilot company of the thousands of villages in the Ministry of Commerce, and is also the vanguard of Changshu's business development. Over the years, the company has actively built large networks, expanded large markets, and built large brands. The number of chain outlets has grown to 816. Changke Longnong By-product Logistics Distribution Center is a modern logistics distribution center supported by new ideas and information technology. It will definitely make new and greater contributions to perfecting the city's urban and rural circulation network and promoting the circulation and operation of agricultural and sideline products and daily necessities throughout the city and the province..

        Changkelong Logistics Center is located in Dongdaiba Village, Haishu Town. The total investment of the project is 120 million yuan. It was completed and put into use at the end of October 2011. After completion, the logistics center can distribute more than 5,000 business outlets with a distribution radius of more than 200 kilometers.

         Design goals:

        1. Sales amount: 3 billion yuan (distribution amount: 700 million yuan)

        2. Stock quantity: 342,000 boxes

        3. Number of varieties (SKU): 18,000 items

        4. Number of storage (folding box): 43430 cases / day

        5. Number of storage (folding box): 36,874 cases / day

         Among them, the whole box is out of the library: 34,292 cases / day, out of the box: 2,582 cases / day.