Wumei North Logistics Center (WUMART-WINDC) Project

        The WUMART-WINDC project of Wumart Commercial Retail Group, which was undertaken by the company in 2009, covers an area of about 200 mu, with a construction area of 70,000 square meters and a logistics investment of 78 million yuan.

        The main components of the system are as follows:

        1)The dry goods distribution center has an area of about 60,000 square meters and is equipped with a pallet racking system, a three-storey cargo attic racking system, a picking and conveying system, an automatic sorting system, and the like;

        2)The fruit and vegetable distribution center covers an area of about 4,000 square meters with take delivery weighing system, an automatic seeding system, a collection system, a pallet shelf storage area, a low temperature storage area, etc..

        3) Daily refrigerated distribution center with an area of about 2,000 square meters, equipped with automatic seeding system, collection system, shelf storage system, etc.



         After the project is completed, it can support the Wumei Commercial Group to receive and ship 400,000 boxes a day, and the annual distribution of about 7 billion yuan of logistics and distribution needs. It is the largest and most technologically advanced retail distribution center built in China.